Click Here for Proper Torque Specs for Rod Bolts

I am refreshing my motor, but I lost the connecting rod instruction sheet, what are the proper torque specs for my rod bolts?


Determining Torque Specs:

Confirm the manufacturing series of your connecting rods

Revision “A” applies to Ultra rods manufactured after May 1st, 2013



Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
**Ultra Values based on use of ARP Ultra Lube**
SBC H & I-Beams (Std,SJ,LW,XD) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, LW & XD) BLT145-3.5 MP-3.5 88 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
*SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, LW & XD) BLT145-CA CA-625 85 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
SBC H-Beam (HJ) BLT135 Ultra 60 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
*SBC I-Beam (HJ – Original Design) BLT135-3.5 Ultra 63 ft. lbs .0050″-.0057″
*SBC I-Beam (HJ – Original Design) BLT135-CA CA-625 60 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (HJ – New Design) BLT157-3.5 MP-3.5 58 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
SBF (Ford) I-Beam (Std, SJ) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
SBF (Ford) I-Beam (Std, SJ) BLT145-3.5 MP-3.5 90 ft.lbs. .0057″-.0067″
SBF (Modular 5.933 Ford) I-Beam BLT160 Ultra 75 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
SBF (Modular 5.933 Ford) I-Beam BLT160-3.5 MP-3.5 90 ft.lbs. .0057″-.0067″
LS1 H & I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145-3.5 MP-3.5 88 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
*LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145-CA CA-625 85 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
Nissan GTR BLT160 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0065″
BBC XD H & I Beam (Std.) BLTC006 Ultra 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
BBC H & I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160-CA CA-625 85 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160-MP35 MP-3.5 90 ft.lbs. .0057″-.0067″
BBF (Ford) I-Beam (Std.) BLT160 Ultra 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
*No Longer Offered in new set purchases


Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
**Compstar Values based on use of Chicago EP3 Lube**
SBC H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
SBC H-Beam (HJ) BLTC125 ARP 2000 60 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
BBC H-Beam (SBJ) BLTC006 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std.) BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BB Mopar 6.760 H-Beam BLTC180 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0065″-.0070″
Viper 6.250 H-Beam BLTC150-38 ARP 2000 55 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0060″
LSC BLTC150-8740 8740 55 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SB Ford 5.400 H-Beam BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″

Ultra Connecting Rods produced prior to Revision A

Ultra Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
**Ultra Values based on use of ARP Ultra Lube**
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145 Ultra 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC H-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC I-Beam (HJ) BLT135 Ultra 53 ft.lbs. .0048″-.0056″
SBC I-Beam (HJ) BLT135-CA CA-625 60 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 90 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLTC1735 MP-3.5 97 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″

53 comments for “Click Here for Proper Torque Specs for Rod Bolts”

  1. Mario says:

    Hi Tec
    What rod do you recommend for bbc drag engine
    6.7 for a 4.750 Stoke 632
    1300 hp aspirated
    15.5 comp
    8000 max rpm
    Auto 3 speed

    1. CalliesAdmin says:

      We’ve sent you an e-mail, Mario!

  2. VICTOR GALVAN says:

    hello I’m building a 427 ls twin turbo that is goig to make about 1600hp i want rods and crank that hold 2000hp
    wich crank and rods i nead to use?
    what part of crank i nead for ls and 4 inch stroke with regular snout and also watch rods
    i friend told me to use APO-31T-MG58
    and the rods U17171
    CELL 832-435-3179

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We will send you an e-mail for more information. Thank you!

  3. Jacques Duperre says:

    Hi Do you have a 540 bbc rotating kit .

    4.500 bore x 4.250 stroke + 6.535 rod length ch. 1.120

    9.4 to 9.8 compression ratio.

    If you have other kit let me know.


    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We will send you an email with information on this!

      Thank You!

  4. TRey says:

    Looking for a balanced rotating assembly for an ls7 looking to make a little over 1000 rear wheel horsepower . What options do you have . I haven’t seen the horsepower rating on the Compstar or the DragonSlayer anywhere ? Sticking with a 4.000 crank and running nitrous .

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      Trey, We will send you an e-mail or please feel free to call us at 419-435-2711!

  5. Mike O’Donnell says:

    I have a 502 cid BBF with Comp star 6.700
    H beam Rods it has ARP 2000 7/16”rod bolts I am looking for proper torq specs for bolts
    I can’t find specs listed in tech section

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      We have sent you an email with some information! Thank you!

      1. Callies Answer Team says:

        Can you please email your full question to

  6. Brent McFeaters says:

    Hi Callies Tech, I’m building a 540 BBC Twin turbo 81mm making around 2500 HP I’m going to use your Callies Magnum Crank but I would like to know what you recommend for Rods that will handle that HP?? Looking for the strongest rod and rod bolts and what part# so can order them!

    1966 Nova SS

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      Could you shoot an email with this information over to He will be able to assist you in making this decision!

      Thank you!

  7. dave shaeffer says:

    I’m planning on purchasing a Magnum crankshaft from you and my engine builder says we need to have the crank checked for straightness after you ship it to us, he has all cranks he installs checked whether its your’s or another companies. What is your opinion on this?

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      Here at Callies, we believe in being thorough, always! If your engine builder checks all his cranks for straightness, we’d say he’s thorough and that’s a good thing!

      If you or he have any questions about our products, ever, feel free to give us a ring at 419-435-2711!

      Callies Answer Team

  8. Dave Deadman says:

    Hi Tech,
    I am freshening my engine. It is a Steve Schmidt 618 BBC with your Pro I-Beam rods. The motor was built 8-10-2012 and in reading your rod bolts it looks like it’s either BLT160-CA or BLTC1735. They are 6.800 rods. Can you please tell me which rod bolts I need being that is was built in 2012. And can you sell me these rod bolts?
    if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to email me.
    Thank you so much,
    Dave D

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      Justin will be reaching out to you as he has a few questions before he can recommend a bolt. Thank you!

      Calles Answer Team

  9. Shane Haley says:

    Hi Tech
    I am in the process of building anLS3 for a boat and wish to stroke it to 410 cubes.
    The engine will have a carburetor and the heads will be CNC ported and we want around 700 flwhp
    The max rpm we are wanting to run to is 6750-7000 max
    Can you recommend a rotating ass that will be reliable with the above in mind Thanks

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      If you could call or email and talk to Jeremy in the office, he’ll have a few more questions for you and then be able to recommend you a set up!

      We can be reached at 419-435-2711 or

      Thank you!

      Callies Answer Team

  10. Richard Theriault says:

    I’m looking for help with torque specs for a new set of Comstar rods for a Honda B18C1, ARP 2000 bolt. No paper work provided by customer.
    Numbers on box:
    CSH5433 BS1H1AH
    Below description is written 557 395 162
    Any help with this would be much appreciater

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      Torque for P/N: CSH5433BS1H1AH or C22102

      ARP 2000 Bolts: 55 ft. lbs.
      Bolt Stretch: .0055″-.0065″

      Feel free to call us at 419-4353-2711 or email with any other questions!

      Thank you!

  11. Kelly Vandevosse says:

    Hello.I have BBC compstar 6.385 I-beams with ARP 2000-03 and 2000-04 on the rod bolts. I’m looking to replace them .Which bolts do you suggest ? Thanks,Kelly.

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      Please look on the end of the rod bolt & find the part # on the bolt head. We’re likely going to recommend part #BLTC170-L19 which is a Connecting Rod Bolt, E Head Style, L19 Alloy, 7/16 in. Diameter, 1.700 in. Underhead Length.

      Please verify the P/N on your current rod bolts so we can be sure.

      Thank you,

      Callies Answer Team

  12. SteviE says:

    Nothing on your Subaru rods ? Are they available ? Ideally with 7/16″ bolt ?

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      Above are two seperate links on details about our subaru rods. Part #’s and prices are available here:

      The enforcer rods are at the bottom of that page.

      Also, feel free to e-mail us at OR call us at 419-435-2711.

      Thank you!

      Callies Answer Team

  13. john says:

    I have the U15270 rod kit that came with H11 bolts, but would like to use the aged 625 ARP bolts. Do you have the part number for this? or have the specs of the bolts that came with my rod set so I can ask ARP for the aged custom 625 bolt part number.

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      The part # you can ask us OR ARP for is the Callies Part Number BLT-160.

      Thank you!

      Callies Answer Team

  14. T. Bertone says:

    What lube should I use on the rod bolts?

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      If they are Ultra Rods, use ARP Torque Lube (included in the box).
      If they are Compstar rods, use #3 Extreme Pressure Lube (included in the box).

  15. Kevin seymour says:

    I’m building a 436 SBC probably going to start with around 750 to 850 HP. But will increase HP over time once I get used to the car. Going to run nitrous eventually also. recommendations for rotating assembly? I want it to be able to handle 1500 plus. Running PG, 5500 stall and 456 gear thanks!

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We would recommend a Callies Magnum crank & Ultra I beam connecting rods for that build. If you’d like to give us a call at 419-435-2711 we could get the details worked out and put on your order.

      Thank you,

      Callies Answer Team

  16. Kevin seymour says:

    I’m building a 436 SBC dart iron eagle block, AFR 23degree 230cc’s. 750 plus lift solid roller cam in a 75 camaro back half car. Power glide and 456 gears. Probably be around 750 to 850 HP to start but will add significant HP later. Recommendation for rotating assembly.. FYI I plan on adding nitrous thanks.

  17. Kevin seymour says:

    Thanks for the remmemdation didn’t realized you guys replied lol. I’ll definitely give y’all a call!

  18. mark Lewis says:

    What is the HP rating for the Compstar bcc ultra I beam 6700 rods. I have a set a 8-10 years old with few runs may use them? Thank you

    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Sending you an email now.

  19. Gary Young says:

    Building a bbf 598 twin turbo motor. I noticed in you catalog that you have 6.7 and 6.8 length rods to be used with a 4.5 stroke and 4.600 bore. My question is do you offer or make a shorter rod to help get the compression down lower.

    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Hi Gary,
      We are emailing you now.

  20. Mike says:

    I’m rebuilding my 540. It has a Magnum crank and ultra rods. I’m replacing the rod bolts for cheap insurance. ARP L19 bolts cpl-160. Do you recommend torquing the bolt a certain number of times or just use the stretch method? I’ve heard guys using both methods.

  21. Michael Hobbs says:

    I have a set of compstar 6.535 bbc rods.what are the numbers on the big end of the rods on the side by cap parting line
    Thank Mike

    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Hi Michael,
      One of our techs will be emailing you shortly. Thanks!

  22. DAMIAN BAKER says:

    i have a brand new set of bbc compstar h beam rods with L19 bolts if i go to 92 ftlbs the stretch is .0071”. even if im at 80 ftlbs its .0066”.
    what do you guys suggest..

    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Hi Damian, Sending you an email.

  23. Lyndsay Pauling says:

    Hi, I am freshening a Klein engine which has “Honda part #U14132 SBC Ultra 5.850rods in it.
    When I look at the Callies chart it tells me the bolt torque should be 60 ft/lbs.
    The Klein build sheet says 80#. the bolts are ARP 135MP

    can you please confirm the bolt torques

    P.S. email address is


    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Hi Lyndsay, we are sending you a message. It will be coming from

      1. lyndsay pauling says:

        Thankyou, can you send the reply to: also please. Having problems with the other email address.

        1. Callies Answer Team says:

          our email bounced back to that address. To answer your question the confirmed specs are 60 FT LBS. If you have more questions try emailing us directly and we could try replying back. You can email or

  24. Brad Hagen says:

    Hi, I am trying to rebuild my motor and order new rods and pistons and have little information. What I do is that I have a Callies Dragon Slayer Crank Stroke 4000 Serial Number 103581J (Which I have asked info on your crankshaft page) I have serial number 58655 on the JE rod. I am assuming the previous owner bought the complete set up from you guys. Can you provide me with specs on these and if possible a price for bearings, rods, pistons (complete set up). I am running a 515 cubic inch BBC with a bore size of 4.530.

    Appreciate anything you can do for me as it has been a mission finding out this info.

    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Hi Brad, We are sending you an email now.

  25. Alan says:

    Would like info on camshaft rod clearance on your ultra h rod and std camshaft location on brodix block. I have your magnum 4.750 crank and your ultra h rods.

    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Hi Alan, we are sending you an email now.

  26. Darren says:

    HI I purchased a new set of Compstar rods with ARP 2000 bolts
    CSA5850DS2A2AH . They came with no torque and stretch specs , can you supply them ?
    my email address is all lower case , not in upper case as it appears on my screen

    1. Callies Answer Team says:

      Hi Darren, Sending you an email now

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