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  • Ultra Billet – Nissan GT-R Image
  • Ultra Billet – Nissan GT-R

  • At Callies, design consideration has been given to address the inadequacies of OEM crankshafts for the GT-R engine. Each Callies GT-R crank is carefully monitored, beginning with ultra pure 4330V steel that receives multiple heat treatments through final nitride & polish. Initially introduced with a 94.4mm stroke, additional strokes are now available. For dry sump applications, an extended post option is also available. Callies GT-R crankshafts are machined to accommodate 2.200” Big Block Chevy rod journals. This common diameter will allow engine builders easy access to a wide variety of bearing options. Standard main bearing, post and seal diameters are used throughout this crankshaft.

  • Nissan GTR – High Output Billet

    Standard Features

    These shafts can be ordered in strokes ranging from 88mm to 98mm. Callies GTR’s are manufactured with Nissan OEM main bearing and Big Block Chevy rod journal diameters. Special attention was given to critical areas making this one of the strongest GTR billet crankshafts available. Machined from 4330V and deep case nitride this shaft is built for durability. Stock accessory drives and drive line components can be used.

  • MSRP $4,200.00
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