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Click to View Rod Small End Width & Thickness Above the Pin


  • Pin end widths
    • SBC/LS1/SBF: 0.988″
    • BBC/BBF: 1.054″
    • GT-R: 1.005″
  • Thickness Above The Pin
    • H-Beam – SBC/LS1/SBF: 0.195″
    • H-Beam – BBC: 0.225″
    • I-Beam – SBC/LS1/SBF: 0.230″
    • I-Beam – BBC/BBF: 0.245″
    • LW I-Beam – SBC: 0.195″
    • GT-R: .170″
  • Big End Width
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What is a Callies “Stealth” Crankshaft?

We often hear the word Stealth used to identify a Callies crankshaft.  This is understandable, since the very first days of Callies Performance Products the word Stealth has been present in both our big and small block Chevy forgings.   In …

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What is the proper procedure for installing stud kits?

Installation Instructions:

1. Make sure threads in crankshaft are clean and are good threads.
2. Lightly coat the end of the stud going into the crank with “NEVER-SEEZ” (note: “Never-Seez” is the only material to be used!)
3. Install stud …

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Click Here for Proper Torque Specs for Rod Bolts

I’m refreshing my motor but lost my instruction sheet, what are the proper torque specs for Callies rod bolts?



Category Part # Description Bolt Item # Torque To Bolt Stretch
**Ultra Values based on use of ARP Ultra
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Identifying a Callies Crankshaft via Serial Number

Please provide our technical department with the 5 or 6 digit serial number and they can help you identify your crankshaft.  Since 2000, Callies has an electronic record of all Callies crankshafts produced.  *Callies is not responsible if the dimensions …

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