Stud Kits

Damper Studs and Hat Washers

Callies designed this high quality stud kit specifically for use with our crankshafts employing deep hole post drilling. The kits are available in various lengths to suit a variety of crankshaft post driven accessory drives.

-The kit consists of a roll-threaded stud, parallel ground washer, and 12-point nut, all made of 8740 moly steel.
-Intended as a great companion item, Callies has developed a hex head hat washer that will simplify turning over the engine. It is manufactured from 8740 material, heat treated to 40Rc, and designed to allow a bolt head or nut to fit within its thickness, making it ideal for use in tight quarters.

CPPI-013D 7/16 x 5.409 damper stud kit
CPPI-013E 7/16 x 8.396 damper stud kit
CPPI-013F 7/16 x 10.396 damper stud kit
CPPI-013G 7/16 x 6.396 damper stud kit
CPPI-013DS 7/16 x 5.409 damper stud
CPPI-013ES 7/16 x 8.396 damper stud
CPPI-013FS 7/16 x 10.396 damper stud
CPPI-013GS 7/16 x 6.396 damper stud
CPPI-013SS 1/2 x 7.000 damper stud
CPPI-021B 7/16 ID, 2.125 OD stud washer, w/ hex nut
APN12-1 7/16 12 point nut


Installation Instructions:

1. Make sure threads in crankshaft are clean and are good threads.
2. Lightly coat the end of the stud going into the crank with “NEVER-SEEZ” (note: “Never-Seez” is the only material to be used!)
3. Install stud with 15 ft./lbs. of torque. DO NOT use any Loctite type products.
4. Install damper and accessories.
5. Install .300″ thick washer. Make sure the surface the washer is going against is parallel.
6. Lightly coat threaded area where the nut goes and coat the bearing surface of the nut with “NEVER-SEEZ.”
7. Install nut using 75 ft./lbs. of torque. (except CPPI-013F use 65 ft./lbs. of torque)

Stud Kits Available: “A” – “B” Dimension Correct Stud Kit
(Kit Includes 6pt. Nut, .300? Thick Ground Washer & Stud) 0.770″ to 0.832″ CPPI-013D  7/16″ x 5.409″
0.803″ to 1.819″ CPPI-013G  7/16″ x 6.396″
1.640″ to 3.819″ CPPI-013E  7/16″ x 8.396″
3.042″ to 5.819″ CPPI-013F  7/16″ x 10.396″

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