Team Callies

Callies Performance Products is proud to team up with racers and pullers from across the world.
Check out some of our currently sponsored teams along with their engine builders!

*Please note that this page is still under construction. Names are still being added. If your name / team is not listed but you feel it should be please feel free to reach out to


SHIFT UP NOW : Callies is proud to be partnered up with Shift Up Now, an organization working to help find the funding, partners and sponsorship for female athletes to continue competing at professional and semi-professional levels in motorsport.

Alan Felts – NMCA

Engine Builder: Bennett Racing Engines

Alec Robbins – Formula Drift

Engine Builder: Darin Smith
Engine Builder: Matt Sandbeck

Megan Cavaness – Pro-Modified

Engine Builder: On Target Engine & Mach.
Engine Builder: JCE FuelSystems

Trent Hatfield – Formula Drift

Engine Builder: ModCo Racing Engines

Ricky Peterson, Jr – Sprint

Engine Builder: Gressman Powersports

Jordon Mallett – Sprint

Engine Builder: Moss Racing Engines

Kelly Shotwell

Engine Builder: BES Racing Engines

Melanie Monagon

Engine Builder: Victory Engines

 Melanie Salemi – Pro Mod

Engine Builder: Resolution Racing Services

Justin Reggio – Maryland Performance

Engine Builder: Maryland Performance

Samantha Moore 

Engine Builder: Vector Motorsports

Zachary Smith 

Engines Builder: Badman Racing Engines

Team Throttle Monster  Justin Martin

Engine Builder: Harrell Engine & Dyno








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