Ultra H-Beam

Callies Ultra connecting rods are produced from extremely clean Timken steel that is formulated to our exact specifications.  This proprietary steel is forged in Trenton, Michigan, and manufactured 100% in our Fostoria, Ohio facility.   Pride in workmanship, and attention to detail are qualities you’ll discover during careful examination of our finished product. Each step of the manufacturing history of every Ultra connecting rod is meticulously maintained by our manufacturing team.  You can be confident of the material and workmanship of these quality components.

The Ultra H-Beam configuration was recently added as part of our expanding connecting rod line. Made from the same premium grade Timken material, the Ultra H-Beam connecting rod is designed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding racing applications.

Callies Ultra 6.000 H-Beam Connecting RodCallies ultra 6.000 H-beam pin end

Below is only a partial listing of part numbers.  Please call for additional part number information and availability.

Big Block H-Beam
Description Typical Wt. Part # MSRP
6.385 2.200 803g U16200 $1,453.00
6.535 2.200 811g U16210 $1,453.00
6.700 2.200 823g U16230 $1,453.00
Single BBC Ultra H $181.00
Small Block Ultra H-Beam
Description Typical Wt. Part # MSRP
6.000 2.000 629g U16101 $1,453.00
6.000 2.100 644g U16100 $1,453.00
6.125 2.100 646g U16110 $1,453.00
Single SBC Ultra H $181.00
LS1 Ultra H-Beam
Description Typical Wt. Part # MSRP
6.100 2.100 617g U16290 $1,453.00
6.125 2.100 651g U16300 $1,453.00
6.200 2.100 626g U16303 $1,453.00
6.350 2.100 663g U16302 $1,453.00
6.460 2.100 659g U16301 $1,453.00
Single LS Ultra H $181.00