Magnum XL

Magnum XL lightening profiles result in crankshafts having extremely high strength to weight ratios. Material is carefully removed from non-stressed areas of each shaft eliminating parasitic material and weight. The Callies Magnum XL profile is very effective at minimizing windage within the crankcase atmosphere. Oil control is improved through the elimination of disruptive undercuts, resulting in smooth sided, free flowing counterweights. Each main and rod journal is drilled for weight reduction and throttle response improvement.

All Magnum XL crankshafts feature the Callies Ultra-Case nitride heat treatment. This heat treatment method produces a deep case that enhances strength while creating an extremely hard bearing wear surface.

Magnum XL crankshafts are shipped fully balanced to your exact assembly weight without drilling. These crankshafts are available in many custom configurations. Your order will be processed specifically to meet your needs.

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