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Damper Studs

Damper Studs and Hat Washers

Callies designed this high quality stud kit specifically for use with our crankshafts employing deep hole post drilling. The kits are available in various lengths to suit a variety of crankshaft post driven accessory drives.…

Main Caps

Head and Main Studs

Callies now offers various studs for your engine.


OptiTorque Material Grade OptiTorque Tensile Strength
Patriot 8740 Chrome Moly 180-220 ksi
TorqueMaster HSLA 6304 190-240 ksi

Rotating Assemblies

Let the professionals at Callies pair your crankshaft with all the proper bottom end components. Fully balanced and ready to assemble rotating assemblies from Callies not only save you time and money, they provide the peace of mind that your …

Balancing Supplies

Callies tungsten heavy metal is specially machined to ease installation and produce an excellent appearing product. Our HM slugs are center-less ground, then precision turned to length and chamfered. The result is unmatched dimensional consistency.
Wide ranges of lengths are …

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