Connecting Rod Bolt Information

All of our Compstar H-beam connecting rods use ARP 2000 bolts designed specifically for the rod they are installed in. Underhead length, thread length, undercut diameter and length, and shank length all play an important role in the dimensional stability of the bearing housing.

If you need replacement connecting rod bolts, they can be purchased direct from Callies or through any of our dealers at very affordable prices. We strongly recommend using the correct bolts that we have designed for our rods when doing bolt replacement maintenance. Using the wrong bolt is risking failure due to incorrect clamping load or thread engagement.

Extreme Pressure Lube #3 is the bolt lube that we use and recommend. It is available in 1/4 oz sample packs or 4 oz tubes through Callies. It also may be available at some local industrial supply stores. All torque information below is based on testing with various models and styles of torque wrench using EP#3 on the bolts, and oil on the internal threads.

Use of any other type of lube requires using the bolt stretch method for proper installation.


Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
SBC H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
SBC H-Beam (HJ) BLTC125 ARP 2000 60 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
BBC H-Beam (SBJ) BLTC006 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std.) BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BB Mopar 6.760 H-Beam BLTC180 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0065″-.0070″
Viper 6.250 H-Beam BLTC150-38 ARP 2000 55 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0060″
LSC BLTC150-8740 8740 55 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SB Ford 5.400 H-Beam BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″

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