What is a Callies “Stealth” Crankshaft?

We often hear the word Stealth used to identify a Callies crankshaft.  This is understandable, since the very first days of Callies Performance Products the word Stealth has been present in both our big and small block Chevy forgings.   In the early years of Callies, the word Stealth gave our product a trade name.  It was also strategically placed to allow Tech. Inspectors an easy way to identify the crankshaft’s source and if it were billet in origin.

Callies Performance Products began manufacturing crankshafts for the performance market over 25 years ago.  By today’s standards CNC machining in the mid 1980’s was very fundamental.  Significant advancements in CNC programming software, computer memory and processing speeds have given us capabilities that had been unthinkable during those early years.  These continually advancing capabilities and the never ending quest for product improvement have brought us today to the point of a fully machined crankshaft.  For the most part there are no (As Forged) surfaces left on our current crankshafts.

To this day, our forgings have the word Stealth formed into the #1 pin arm just as they have for the past 25 years.  The Callies Stealth crank lives on, but in today’s highly refined condition the original trade name is no longer visible.

Your crankshaft regardless of age can easily be identified by the Serial Number stamped into the face of the number one counterweight.  Callies maintains a complete process history for every crankshaft produced over the last fourteen years.  We can easily validate the authenticity of any crankshaft produced in our facility.  Call us anytime to verify that your component is a genuine Callies Crankshaft.


17 comments for “What is a Callies “Stealth” Crankshaft?”

  1. Barry hall says:

    I have an older Calles Stealth crank for a small block Chev. Not sure what is comparable to in today’s terminology. 4.0″ stroke. Do you have any idea what it is worth in today’s market? Please advise. Thank you

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      We’ve sent you an e-mail!

  2. Samuel Terracciano says:

    Hello I have a serial number if you could please send me any or all specs you may have on file thank you.
    Serial #: 23146 3480

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We’ll send you an e-mail!

      Thank you!

  3. Tyler says:

    Hello, can you send me specs on this crank- SAF-115. 23439

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We have sent you an e-mail!

      Thank You

      Callies Answer Team

  4. Vernon adams says:

    I’d like to know details on this crank. Thanks.

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We will send you an email with that info we can provide.

      Thank you!

      Callies Answer Team

  5. Jorge Leon says:

    Hello i have a serial # if u could please send me any or all specs you may have on file thank you serial 29325 3480 thanks

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We will send you an email with the info we can provide.

      Thank you!

      Callies Answer Team

  6. David wertz says:

    Can you give me information about this bbc crank shaft. What series crank Hp levels etc. Thank you
    Serial # 59578

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We have sent you an e-mail with the specs on this crank!

      Callies Answer Team

  7. james hart says:

    was wondering if I can get the compstar comet crank 3.625 2.100 pin and 400 main size

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      In the Compstar Comet, we do not. You’d have to buy a Magnum crank for those measurements.

      Thank you,

      Callies Answer Team

  8. Stefan Flodell says:

    Hello. Could you help me identify a crank with Serial nr 29844.
    Best regards Stefan

  9. Frank says:

    I have a Stealth crank with the number #29397 and a #71.

    Any info please. Thanks

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      The S/N you listed is from 1997 or so. We only have total recall back to 2000, therefore cannot give much info based on the SN. If you’d like us to try to identify more about the crank, you may send some images to marketing@callies.com of the cranks’ post, flange, first counter weight, and a full image of the cranks. We may be able to help you out further then. Thank you.

      Callies Answer Team

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