Ultra Billet Crankshaft

Callies Ultra billet crankshafts are intended for use in cutting edge applications where innovation is a must. To ensure absolute geometric consistency every Ultra billet crankshaft is ADCOLE inspected. This process provides valuable data used to verify that the part you get is exactly what you ordered.  Each Ultra billet cranshaft is uniquely machined with our Ultra-Shed counterweight profiles. The Ultra-Shed leading edge profile gently moves oil away from the oncoming rod journal while the directional trailing edge directs oil away from the oncoming counterweight. Our Aero-Shed super finish will give you a crankshaft that is totally stress-riser free and incredibly aero efficient. When the Ultra-Shed and Aero-Shed processes are combined the result is a crankshaft with the lowest coefficient of drag in the industry.  Ultra billets are produced from low carbon – high nickel steel that receives multiple heat treatments. When performed on our specialty steel, Callies heat treat processing yields a crankshaft with high core hardness, stiffness and fracture resisting ductility.

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