Ford Big Block Crankshaft

A modified heat treat cycle developed at Callies Heat Treat Department for the Ford Big Block 460 crankshaft produces an optimal microstructure and delivers a  significant improvement in mechanical properties.

The Callies Modified Heat Treat Cycle delivered a noticeable improvement over the as received condition AND exceeds the minimum AISI requirements.

•The as received microstructure did not meet Callies standards.
•The microstructure was improved with a modified heat treat cycle devised by Callies in-house heat treat department.
•The modified heat treat cycle delivered both improved mechanical properties and optimum fatigue resistance.

Ford 460 Magnum Crankshaft

Callies now offers high quality domestically produced Magnum crankshafts for the Ford 460 – 429 engine families.  These crankshafts are machined from high quality forgings that are heat-treated and metalurgically certified at our facility. Magnum Ford 460’s are counterweighted to balance bob weights up to 2400 grams without the use of heavy metal.  We are confident in the ability of our Magnum 460’s to easily withstand the rigors of a 2,000 HP engine.

Standard Features
* Average Weight – 78 pounds for a 4.750” stroke
* Gun Drilled Mains
* All Rod Journals Lightened – 2.200” Diameter
* Stroke Availability 4.150”, 4.300”, 4.500”, 4.750”
* Single 3/16 (Align- Ease) Keyway with Lead in Witness Mark
* Short Damper Fit (High Performance Style)
* Heat Treatment = Perma Case Deep Nitride Options
* Full Internal Balance
* Dual Post Keyways


Ford 460 Ultra Connecting Rods

Ultra connecting rods tailored specifically for the non-offset geometry of the Ford 460 engine are now available.  These can be purchased in either 6.700 or 6.800 lengths both with 2.200 BBC journal diameters and widths.  All Ultra connecting rods are forged from Para-Pure 4330 Timken steel and completely machined in our Ohio facility.  Ultra connecting rods have been gaining wide acceptance for their consistency in precision and the (in-service) stability of their housing bore and pin bore geometries. Both configurations are in stock and ready to ship today. Call our sales team or contact one of our dealers to order yours now!