Ultra Connecting Rod Threads

Callies Performance Products has perfected a thread generating process that creates completely formed thread flanks that are uniform and free of surface imperfections.  Attention to this detail results in greater flank to flank contact within the bolt to rod interface.   This improved interface, combined with unsurpassed thread surface finishing, provide the industries smoothest, most consistent feel when torqueing and stretching rod bolts.   This caliber of thread is standard on all Ultra connecting rods by Callies.

Ultra Connecting Rod Threads

Callies Ultra Xd Stroker Connecting Rods

Callies Ultra Xd Stroker Connecting Rod Design offers greater cam to connecting rod clearance. This innovation will allow the use of increased base circle cams for improved valve train performance, stability, and horsepower. For the first time engine builders are given greater flexibility in selecting valve train components when using a standard cam height block. The Ultra Xd concept has been track tested and proven to be a reliable, long term solution to troublesome connecting rod to camshaft interference problems. Ultra Xd connecting rods are available in I-beam or H-beam for the SBC, BBC, and LS Engine Families.

Callies Ultra Xd Tech Talk

Ultra Xd stroker connecting rods extra cam to rod clearance diagram

Callies 2013 PRI Trade Show Booth

The guys from Callies have returned from the 2013 PRI trade show and we are preparing for a lot of new and exciting things for 2014! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth this year and attended our customer appreciation receptions. Our booth received a complete makeover this year and turned heads with it’s bright colors and LED lighting. If you didn’t have the opportunity to stop by you can see our booth in the picture below and we look forward to talking with you at the 2014 PRI show! We have 18 of our crankshafts on display as well as many of our connecting rods and camshaft cores.

Callies booth at the 2013 PRI trade show

Compstar Ford 302 Connecting Rods

Compstar Ford 302 Connecting RodProduced from the same heat treated and stress relieved 4340 steel as existing Compstar H beam rods, every detail of this highly stressed component has been carefully analyzed to maximize repeatability and dependability.  Compstar is currently offering the 302 rod in a 5.400 length with a true 2.123 rod diameter and 1.685 width.  For added strength and improved piston availability, Compstar 302 rods feature a .927 wrist pin bore.   ARP 2000 bolts are also standard equipment.  For more information on this product contact our experienced technical department for guidance on your next Ford 302 build.

Ford Big Block Specific Connecting Rods

Callies Performance Products introduces Ultra Connecting Rods made specifically for High Horsepower Ford 460 CID engines.  These connecting rods are machined with the proper tower offset to match this popular engine.  Initially available in 6.700 and 6.800 inch lengths and fastened by Ultra bolts from ARP, Ultra Ford BB rods are built for your most severe application. Callies Ultra connecting rods are produced from extremely clean Timken steel that is formulated to our exact specifications.  This proprietary steel is forged in Trenton, Michigan, and manufactured 100% in our Fostoria, Ohio facility.

Compstar Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

Compstar components have been in production since 2004. This product line is forged and semi-finished at various offshore locations but they are finished and inspected at our Callies Manufacturing facility in Fostoria, OH. We are constantly evaluating these crankshafts and connecting rods to make sure we offer the best offshore components available. Compstar utilizes precision gauging and material evaluation equipment that is routinely ISO 17025 certified for consistent accountability. If you’re looking for budget friendly crankshafts or connecting rods without having to sacrifice quality then the Compstar line is the best solution!

Compstar Logo

Callies and Compstar connecting rod bolt torque specs

If you have lost the sheet with the instructions for properly torqueing the rod bolts on your Ultra or Compstar connecting rods you can find the information below on our website FAQ page. Now you can access our rod bolt torque specs 24/7 so you have it available when you need it!

**Compstar Values based on use of Extreme Pressure #3 lube**
Compstar Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
SBC H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
SBC H-Beam (HJ) BLTC125 ARP 2000 60 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
BBC H-Beam (SBJ) BLTC006 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std.) BLTC170 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std.) BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam BLTC170 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BB Mopar 6.760 H-Beam BLTC180 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0065″-.0070″
Viper 6.250 H-Beam BLTC150-38 ARP 2000 55 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0060″
LSC BLTC150-8740 8740 55 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SB Ford 5.400 H-Beam BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
**Ultra Values based on use of ARP Ultra Lube**
Ultra Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145 Ultra 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC H-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC I-Beam (HJ) BLT135 Ultra 53 ft.lbs. .0048″-.0056″
SBC I-Beam (HJ) BLT135-CA CA-625 60 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 90 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLTC1735 MP-3.5 97 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Revisions made to Ultra Connecting Rods
*See photograph for identification of Revision “A”
Rod Bolt Material OriginalTorque Rev A.Torque Stretch
Small Block
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, LW, LW-SJ & XD) BLT145 Ultra 84 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″?
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, LW, LW-SJ & XD) BLT145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. 85 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
SBC I-Beam (Honda Journal) BLT135 Ultra 53 ft.lbs. 53 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Honda Journal) BLT135-CA CA-625 60 ft.lbs. 60 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Honda Journal) BLT135-MP CA-625 63 ft.lbs. 63 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 84 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. 85 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
Big Block
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT160 Ultra 90 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT160-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. 85 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC1735 MP-3.5 97 ft.lbs. N/A .0050″-.0065″
Small Block
SBC H-Beam (Std, SJ, & XD) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
Big Block
BBC H-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 80 ft.lbs.  75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″

Callies Ultra Rods Revision A

Connecting Rods For All Budgets

Callies Performance Products offers a wide variety of connecting rods to fit your needs. For your budget projects we offer Compstar connecting rods that are manufactured overseas but finished here in our Fostoria, OH facility. If you’re looking for an American made rod that will withstand years of abuse our Ultra connecting rods are up to the challenge. Give us a call today and let one of our experienced sales reps help you find the perfect connecting rods for your application!