Ultra Connecting Rod Threads

Callies Performance Products has perfected a thread generating process that creates completely formed thread flanks that are uniform and free of surface imperfections.  Attention to this detail results in greater flank to flank contact within the bolt to rod interface.   This improved interface, combined with unsurpassed thread surface finishing, provide the industries smoothest, most consistent feel when torqueing and stretching rod bolts.   This caliber of thread is standard on all Ultra connecting rods by Callies.

Ultra Connecting Rod Threads

Ultra H-Beam Connecting Rods

Ultra H-beam connecting rods are machined from extremely clean Timken steel, from start to finish in our Ohio facility.  Current offerings include popular SBC, LSx and BBC applications.  These rods are fastened with purpose built 260Ksi Ultra bolts, produced by ARP, specifically for Callies.  Design, material and craftsmanship combined to make the connecting rod capable of handling up to 1200hp.  The Ultra H-beam connecting rod is designed not only to be affordable, but also provide racers with many years of service and durability.

Callies Ultra 6.000 H-Beam Connecting Rod Callies ultra 6.000 H-beam pin end Callies Ultra 6.000 H-Beam close-up

Callies Ultra Xd Stroker Connecting Rods

Callies Ultra Xd Stroker Connecting Rod Design offers greater cam to connecting rod clearance. This innovation will allow the use of increased base circle cams for improved valve train performance, stability, and horsepower. For the first time engine builders are given greater flexibility in selecting valve train components when using a standard cam height block. The Ultra Xd concept has been track tested and proven to be a reliable, long term solution to troublesome connecting rod to camshaft interference problems. Ultra Xd connecting rods are available in I-beam or H-beam for the SBC, BBC, and LS Engine Families.

Callies Ultra Xd Tech Talk

Ultra Xd stroker connecting rods extra cam to rod clearance diagram

Ultra H-Beam Connecting Rods

Ultra H-Beam connecting rods are High Value American made engine components. Ultra H’s are forged from the same premium 4330 material as our entire Ultra line. Savings resulting from an easy to manufacture design are passed directly on to you. The Ultra H design ensures the geometry of these critical components will remain true under high tensile and compressive load situations.

Every Ultra H-Beam is made with the following components Bolts: 7/16” Ultra (modified H11) steel Pin Bushings: AMS 642 Aluminum-Silicon Bronze Alloy

Ultra H’s are available for most popular Chevy and Ford applications.

Compstar Ford 302 Connecting Rods

Compstar Ford 302 Connecting RodProduced from the same heat treated and stress relieved 4340 steel as existing Compstar H beam rods, every detail of this highly stressed component has been carefully analyzed to maximize repeatability and dependability.  Compstar is currently offering the 302 rod in a 5.400 length with a true 2.123 rod diameter and 1.685 width.  For added strength and improved piston availability, Compstar 302 rods feature a .927 wrist pin bore.   ARP 2000 bolts are also standard equipment.  For more information on this product contact our experienced technical department for guidance on your next Ford 302 build.

2013 PRI Show

Callies Performance Products will once again be participating in the PRI Show in Indianapolis. We are making a lot of changes to the booth this year and we can’t wait to show you the new look! We will be at booth #4615 and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there! Keep checking our website, www.callies.com, for new product releases in our Ultra connecting rod and Callies crankshaft lines. Also, don’t forget to check out our Compstar products for affordable crankshafts and connecting rods that are finished in our shop in Fostoria, OH.