2013 PRI Show

Callies Performance Products will once again be participating in the PRI Show in Indianapolis. We are making a lot of changes to the booth this year and we can’t wait to show you the new look! We will be at booth #4615 and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there! Keep checking our website, www.callies.com, for new product releases in our Ultra connecting rod and Callies crankshaft lines. Also, don’t forget to check out our Compstar products for affordable crankshafts and connecting rods that are finished in our shop in Fostoria, OH.

2013 Charity Golf Outing – Callies Performance Products

Callies Golf Outing 2013

This year’s annual Charity Golf Outing was a huge success!  We are excited to report that the golf outing netted over $2,900.00 and that Rick Norton has agreed to “top off” the number to an even $3,000.00. The majority of the proceeds were given to Lucky Dog Speedway Charities (LDSC), dedicated to providing aid to children and their families when a medical crisis strikes. They are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity and are partially funded by monies paid by Michigan International Speedway. All funds collected, less expenses, go directly to children and their families within the Michigan area and Northern Ohio. LDSC raises funds which are distributed in various ways to help families in need during a medical crisis, whether it be on a temporary or ongoing basis, i.e. by providing gas cards to families when children must travel frequently to hospitals and other medical facilities for treatment, financial aid for essential services caused by the medical crisis, wheelchair ramps or other necessary equipment needed to aid normal function, as well as other special family requests.

The remainder of the proceeds benefited Alexa’s Butterflies of Hope, a local 501(c)3 charity offering financial support to local families with children afflicted by cancer. The foundation was started by Warren and Wendy Brown after their daughter. Alexa lost her battle with medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer, in 2009. The “Clyde Cancer Cluster” is the large number of youth from Clyde and the surrounding areas that have developed cancer. No answers have yet to be found as to why there is such a high number of children with cancer in that particular area. A portion of the money raised from this event will benefit Alexa’s foundation and kids that are diagnosed with juvenile cancer as a result of Clyde’s Cancer Cluster. This cause is near and dear to many people’s hearts in the Fremont and Clyde area.

Callies presenting a check to Lucky Dog Speedway Charities

Callies Dealer Locator

Creating more exposure for suppliers and engine builders

Callies Performance Products is now offering their Engine Builders and Dealers added exposure through a Dealer Locator map.  Individuals interested in purchasing engine related services and products can now locate qualified providers of specialized items by clicking this interactive map.  This map can be found at Callies.com under the Contact Us tab.

ULTRA Xd Connecting Rods NOW IN STOCK


Ultra Xd Press Release


This unique (Patent Pending) design provides greater flexibility in camshaft selection for your next stroker engine build.  The canted housing design of the Ultra Xd will allow a larger lobe/base circle/lift camshaft to be selected.   By providing greater rod to cam clearance, Ultra Xd rods can improve the performance of your valve train.  Ultra Xd rods are available for LS1, SBC and BBC engine families. Every Ultra rod is machined from premium Timken 4330 steel and are intended for severe duty applications.

Compstar Introduces A Ford 302 Connecting Rod

Produced from the same heat treated and stress relieved 4340 steel as existing Compstar H beam rods, every detail of this highly stressed component has been carefully analyzed to maximize repeatability and dependability.  Compstar is currently offering the new 302 rod in a 5.400 length with a true 2.123 rod diameter and 1.685 width.  For added strength and improved piston availability, Compstar 302 rods feature a .927 wrist pin bore.   ARP 2000 bolts are also standard equipment.  For more information on this new product contact our experienced technical department for guidance on your next Ford 302 build.

Ford Compstar Connecting Rod

Sneak Peek! Liteweight SBC Ultra Connecting Rods!

Just in time for build season, Callies introduces the Liteweight Ultra connecting Rod.  Designed with weight reduction in mind, but not sacrificing strength, the engineers at Callies, have answered the call for those demanding lighter SBC connecting rods.  These Ultra connecting rods, are currently available in a variety of lengths and pin diameters.  Call our technical department for more information.

Ultra connecting rod line is expanding

Ultra connecting rods by Callies

For the Small Block Chevy and LS1 engine families

Ultra rods are now available for the Small Block and LSx Chevy engines.   Every Ultra connecting rod is machined from Extremely clean Timken steel that is produced to Callies exact requirement.    Ultra’s are available in a wide range of lengths and journal diameters.   These rods are fastened with a purpose built 260Ksi Ultra bolt.  Custom Age 625 cap screws by ARP are available for extremely demanding applications.  Ultra rods are designed to withstand 1800 HP plus applications.