Subaru EJ20 / EJ25


Stroke  Main   Pin   Part #   Description 
75mm 60mm 52mm 8136KTH-CS Billet
79mm 60mm 52mm 8140KTH-CS Billet
83mm 60mm 52mm 8141KTH-CS Billet

Connecting Rods

Part # Length Journal Pin
CSS5138HS8IBAH 5.138 1.890 0.905
CSS5138HS8IBAH-CA 5.138 1.890 0.905

Subaru EJ20 crankshaft

Standard Features:

– Average weight 18 lbs
– All rod journals drilled for lightening
– Material certified by Callies in house Metallurgical lab
– Ultra-Case nitriding performed and certified in house
– All journal diameters are held to .0005″ tolerance
– Aeroshed finishing optional