Mitsubishi 4B11T

Billet Crankshafts for the Mitsubishi 4B11T are now available from Callies Performance Products.  These 4340 material crankshafts are metalurgically and geometrically certified to the same quality standard of all Compstar by Callies crankshafts.

  • Average weight 32 lbs.
  • 8 counterweight design
  • 4340 steel certified by Callies in house Metallurgical lab
  • Ultra-Case nitriding performed and certified by Callies
  • Rod and main journal surface finish refined to 4Ra or less
  • All journals ground with strength enhancing Tru-Form radii
  • Limited stroke availability ( see below )
  • Aeroshed finishing optional

Mitsubishi 4B11T Crankshaft

Stroke  Main   Pin   Part #   Description 
94mm 52mm 52mm XX27JOH-CS Billet



Length Journal Pin
CSM5659BS8KBAH 5.659 2.165 0.906
CSM5659BS8KBAH-CA 5.659 2.165 0.906