Callies has job openings!

Callies Performance Products is now hiring CNC Operators & Machinists. We have updated the website to include our current job postings and made the employment page easier to find. Finding a new career at Callies has never been easier! There are links at the top and bottom of every page for easy navigation to the employment page. Once you have found a job listing that matches your skillset there are multiple links to our application page where we offer a downloadable application and an online application form to make the application process as easy as possible.

Callies is now offering Daido 19 bearings

Daido 19 Rod Bearings

Daido 19 bearings are clean sheet designs intended to fit your current small block and big block connecting rods and large fillet cranks.  Increased crush height improves retention. Lead-Indium overlay for greater conformability and higher load capacity.  Harder copper lead alloy for increased strength. Race specific locating lug eliminates any potential for interference with receiving slot.  On-center design increases load capacity and allows inserts to be placed in either rod or cap positions.  100% inspected wall thicknesses eliminate sorting and discarded parts. Sold in convenient boxes of 8 allow mixing grades to get the oil clearance you need.  Available in 1.85, 1.889, 2.00, 2.10 and 2.20 sizes at Callies Performance Products.

Daido 19 bearings from Callies Performance Products

Daido 20™ Main Bearing Technology

  • Lead Indium overlay on copper lead alloy has a superior combination of conformability (softness) and strength (hardness).
    • Conformability helps the bearing surface adapt to load and shaft bending to distribute the oil film better for increased thickness and lower peak contact pressure
    • Strength resists overlay fatigue that can lead to failure
    • Lead Indium is superior to lead tin copper overlays of all other bearings
  • Oil Leakage Reduction Technology
    • Parting line relief (crush relief) is eliminated by use of patented Daido Multi Boring eliminating the major source of main bearing oil loss
    • Deep boring profile at the parting line combined and a continuous surface assure that the oil film is maintained at the parting line to reduce the risk of seizure
    • Pressed DE lug eliminates an oil leak path to the parting line chamfer
    • Oval oil holes reduce side leakage by increasing the distance to the edge of the bearing
    • Leak reduction increases oil flow to the connecting rod bearings
    • Second leading oil hole fills the oil groove starting at the leading end to expose the main journal feed hole to more oil supply when used with a supply slot added to the block (machining required)
  • Buffed back steel assures maximum contact and heat transfer
  • Crush height is increased to assure bearing retention in aluminum blocks

Daido D-Flange™ Thrust Bearing Technology

  • Clean sheet 3-piece race design is a direct replacement of traditional 1-piece thrust bearings for superior end play control and thrust seizure resistance
  • Design starts with the same trimetal journal bearing as non-thrust positions
  • Unique floating washers de-couple the thrust and journal surfaces for optimum shape and are derived from proven race engine thrust washer designs
    • Washers are free to align square to the block and crank surfaces
    • Washer shape and journal bearing shape are not influenced by each other
    • High silicon aluminum bimetal resists seizure better that un-plated copper
    • Ramp and pad design increases oil film and axial load capacity
    • Separate washer processing assures optimum flatness and thickness control
  • Assembly is designed for 0.006” end play with industry standard blocks and cranks
    • Lapping the front washer for increased end play is allowed

Daido 20 Main Bearings

The Stealth Crankshaft by Callies, a short history:

We often hear the word Stealth used to identify a Callies crankshaft.  This is understandable, since the very first days of Callies Performance Products the word Stealth has been present in both our big and small block Chevy forgings.   In the early years of Callies, the word Stealth gave our product a trade name.  It was also strategically placed to allow Tech. Inspectors an easy way to identify the crankshaft’s source and if it were billet in origin.

Callies Performance Products began manufacturing crankshafts for the performance market over 25 years ago.  By today’s standards CNC machining in the mid 1980’s was very fundamental.  Significant advancements in CNC programming software, computer memory and processing speeds have given us capabilities that had been unthinkable during those early years.  These continually advancing capabilities and the never ending quest for product improvement have brought us today to the point of a fully machined crankshaft.  For the most part there are no ( As Forged ) surfaces left on our current crankshafts.

To this day, our forgings have the word Stealth formed into the #1 pin arm just as they have for the past 25 years.  The Callies Stealth crank lives on, but in today’s highly refined condition the original trade name is no longer visible.

Your crankshaft regardless of age can easily be identified by the Serial Number stamped into the face of the number one counterweight.  Callies maintains a complete process history for every crankshaft produced over the last fourteen years.  We can easily validate the authenticity of any crankshaft produced in our facility.  Call us anytime to verify that your component is a genuine Callies Crankshaft .

Callies Ultra Xd Stroker Connecting Rods

Callies Ultra Xd Stroker Connecting Rod Design offers greater cam to connecting rod clearance. This innovation will allow the use of increased base circle cams for improved valve train performance, stability, and horsepower. For the first time engine builders are given greater flexibility in selecting valve train components when using a standard cam height block. The Ultra Xd concept has been track tested and proven to be a reliable, long term solution to troublesome connecting rod to camshaft interference problems. Ultra Xd connecting rods are available in I-beam or H-beam for the SBC, BBC, and LS Engine Families.

Callies Ultra Xd Tech Talk

Ultra Xd stroker connecting rods extra cam to rod clearance diagram

Callies 2013 PRI Trade Show Booth

The guys from Callies have returned from the 2013 PRI trade show and we are preparing for a lot of new and exciting things for 2014! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth this year and attended our customer appreciation receptions. Our booth received a complete makeover this year and turned heads with it’s bright colors and LED lighting. If you didn’t have the opportunity to stop by you can see our booth in the picture below and we look forward to talking with you at the 2014 PRI show! We have 18 of our crankshafts on display as well as many of our connecting rods and camshaft cores.

Callies booth at the 2013 PRI trade show

Ford Big Block Crankshaft

A modified heat treat cycle developed at Callies Heat Treat Department for the Ford Big Block 460 crankshaft produces an optimal microstructure and delivers a  significant improvement in mechanical properties.

The Callies Modified Heat Treat Cycle delivered a noticeable improvement over the as received condition AND exceeds the minimum AISI requirements.

•The as received microstructure did not meet Callies standards.
•The microstructure was improved with a modified heat treat cycle devised by Callies in-house heat treat department.
•The modified heat treat cycle delivered both improved mechanical properties and optimum fatigue resistance.

Ford 460 Magnum Crankshaft

Callies now offers high quality domestically produced Magnum crankshafts for the Ford 460 – 429 engine families.  These crankshafts are machined from high quality forgings that are heat-treated and metalurgically certified at our facility. Magnum Ford 460’s are counterweighted to balance bob weights up to 2400 grams without the use of heavy metal.  We are confident in the ability of our Magnum 460’s to easily withstand the rigors of a 2,000 HP engine.

Standard Features
* Average Weight – 78 pounds for a 4.750” stroke
* Gun Drilled Mains
* All Rod Journals Lightened – 2.200” Diameter
* Stroke Availability 4.150”, 4.300”, 4.500”, 4.750”
* Single 3/16 (Align- Ease) Keyway with Lead in Witness Mark
* Short Damper Fit (High Performance Style)
* Heat Treatment = Perma Case Deep Nitride Options
* Full Internal Balance
* Dual Post Keyways


Compstar Ford 302 Crankshafts

The Compstar Ford 302 crankshafts are consistently the easiest balancing crankshaft of its type available today. These Ford 302 crankshafts are finished to the same standards that have made Compstar the most trusted name in High Value crankshafts. Compstar 302’s are nitride heat treated for wear and durability. These crankshafts can be purchased in a variety of strokes to create the displacement you need. Standard features on all Compstar 302’s are large .125 journal radii, four drilled rod journals and counterweights contoured to your specific connecting rod length. Compstar 302’s are available with either Ford or Chevy SBC rod journal configuration.