6.000 Honda Journal H-Beam Ultra Rods

Our 6.000 H-Beam Ultra Rod is now available with a Honda journal. The Ultra H-beam is designed not only to be affordable, but also provide racers with many years of service and durability. Contact our expert sales team and order yours today!

SBC H-Beam Connecting Rod 6.000 Honda

Ultra H-Beam Connecting Rods

Ultra H-beam connecting rods are machined from extremely clean Timken steel, from start to finish in our Ohio facility.  Current offerings include popular SBC, LSx and BBC applications.  These rods are fastened with purpose built 260Ksi Ultra bolts, produced by ARP, specifically for Callies.  Design, material and craftsmanship combined to make the connecting rod capable of handling up to 1200hp.  The Ultra H-beam connecting rod is designed not only to be affordable, but also provide racers with many years of service and durability.

Callies Ultra 6.000 H-Beam Connecting Rod Callies ultra 6.000 H-beam pin end Callies Ultra 6.000 H-Beam close-up

Callies Stock Eliminator Crankshafts

Each Callies Stock Eliminator crankshaft is built to the exacting requirements of Stock Eliminator class requirements.  Machined from Callies proven 4340 forgings, these crankshafts will provide years of trouble free service.   Both 3.773” or 4.013” strokes will tip the scales at an OEM equivalent 67 pounds.  Callies Stock Eliminator crankshafts are produced with standard BBC rod and main journal diameters.

Callies Stock Eliminator Crankshaft

Crankshaft for Roush Yates RY45 Engines

Callies Performance Products is now manufacturing and stocking crankshafts for the Roush-Yates RY45 engine.  Available in a wide range of strokes, these billet crankshafts can be made to meet your specific requirement.   RY45 crankshafts are fully counterweighted and feature the Callies Aeroshed super finish throughout.   These crankshafts are machined from Para-Pure Timken steel and are intended for severe duty applications.

Callies Ultra Billet RY45

Ultra Billet Sprint Car Crankshafts

The Ultra Sprint billet crankshaft has been designed to meet the grueling demands of 410 and 360 Sprint Car applications. For improved performance and durability, primary counterweights have been thinned down reducing windage resistance while interior counterweights have been maximized to minimize intermediate (2 & 4) bearing loads. All Ultra Sprint billets feature the Callies Aeroshed surface treatment and are available in strokes from 3.300 to 3.825 with any variety of rod and main size configuration.

Ultra Billet Sprint Car Crankshaft

Callies introduces Nissan GTR Ultra Rods

Officially released, the new Callies Ultra I-Beam for the Nissan GTR (VR38), made out of our premium 4330 Timken steel, with our signature ARP Ultra Bolts (260 Ksi) available now at TopSpeed Motorsports

Callies Nissan GTR Ultra Connecting Rod

Ultra Rods took 4 of the top 5 spots at Mint 400

Patton Racing Engines, Inc teams got 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th over the weekend at the Mint 400, all motors had Callies Ultra connecting rods. Congratulations to all of their teams! 1st Andy McMillin & Steve Sourapas! 2nd Vildosola Racing! 3rd Dan McMillin! 5th Terrible Herbst Motorsports!

Patton Racing Engines Top 5 winners with Ultra Connecting Rods

Callies Has New Job Openings!

Callies Performance Products is now hiring for CNC Operators, a Quality Technician, and an Accounts Receivable Clerk. We have added an employment page to our website to post our current job openings, www.callies.com/employment.  If you’re interested in applying for one of our open positions we offer a downloadable application and an online application on the website at, www.callies.com/employment/application. Callies Performance Products offers a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, EAP,  company paid life insurance and employer matched 401k. Callies is an equal opportunity employer.

Employment at Callies Performance Products

Keith Berry’s Car breaks radial record AGAIN!

Keith Berry does it again with a 4.19@185mph pass, breaking the radial record AGAIN! His engine, built by Mast Motorsports, features a Callies billet crankshaft.



Callies has job openings!

Callies Performance Products is now hiring CNC Operators & Machinists. We have updated the website to include our current job postings and made the employment page easier to find. Finding a new career at Callies has never been easier! There are links at the top and bottom of every page for easy navigation to the employment page. Once you have found a job listing that matches your skillset there are multiple links to our application page where we offer a downloadable application and an online application form to make the application process as easy as possible.