Callies Ultra Rods for GT-R

Callies Ultra connecting rods for the Nissan GT-R are 100% American made and tough enough to handle the most extreme builds!

Nissan GTR Connecting Rods

Mitsubishi Evo Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

Callies is now offering Compstar Sport Series billet crankshafts and connecting rods for Mitsubishi Evo engines!

Billet Crankshafts for the Mitsubishi 4B11T are now available from Callies Performance Products.  These 4340 material crankshafts are metalurgically and geometrically certified to the same quality standard of all Compstar by Callies crankshafts.

  • Average weight 32 lbs.
  • 8 counterweight design
  • 4340 steel certified by Callies in house Metallurgical lab
  • Ultra-Case nitriding performed and certified by Callies
  • Rod and main journal surface finish refined to 4Ra or less
  • All journals ground with strength enhancing Tru-Form radii
  • Limited stroke availability
  • Aeroshed finishing optional

Mitsubishi Evo billet crankshafts and connecting rods

Subaru EJ20 & EJ25 Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

Callies is now offering crankshafts and connecting rods for Subaru EJ20 and EJ25 engines! We offer 75mm, 79mm, and 83mm strokes for the crankshafts. Connecting rods are available with either ARP 2000 or Custom Age 625 bolts for High Output applications.#subaru   #ej20   #ej25  Check out our website for more information

Subaru EJ20 crankshaft

Callies Connecting Rods for Import Tuners!

Callies Performance Products will soon be offering connecting rods for the import tuner market! In August we will start selling connecting rods for Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Nissan.  Callies has built a reputation for having some of the best connecting rods in the performance V8 market and we are bringing that same level of quality to the import tuner market. Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi engines are being modified to make more horsepower than ever before and with that comes the need for a bottom end that can withstand the added stress. Callies components for imports offer unbeatable quality at a competitive price! Call Justin in our sales office at 419-435-2711 for more information about the new line of import products!

Compstar Sport Series

Callies Titan – Affordable Tool Steel Camshafts

Titan Tool Steel Cam Core Logo

The future of cam core metallurgy is here today! Now tool steel camshafts are more affordable than ever before! Callies metallurgy and heat treat teams have perfected revolutionary methods to bring you unrivaled camshaft durability. Callies Titan cam cores give you more options for performance enhancing geometry while increasing life expectancy.  The superior stiffness of Titan tool steel works in your favor to minimize bending and torsional flex.  Your entire valve train will benefit from the added stability Titan cores offer. Camshafts finished on Titan cores also offer extended service by allowing secondary grinding options when needed.  Titan cores are available for most popular American performance engines.

Titan Tool Steel Camshaft Cores

Ultra Connecting Rod Threads

Callies Performance Products has perfected a thread generating process that creates completely formed thread flanks that are uniform and free of surface imperfections.  Attention to this detail results in greater flank to flank contact within the bolt to rod interface.   This improved interface, combined with unsurpassed thread surface finishing, provide the industries smoothest, most consistent feel when torqueing and stretching rod bolts.   This caliber of thread is standard on all Ultra connecting rods by Callies.

Ultra Connecting Rod Threads

RY45 Billet Crankshafts

Callies Performance Products is now manufacturing and stocking crankshafts for the Roush-Yates RY45 engine.  Available in a wide range of strokes, these billet crankshafts can be made to meet your specific requirement.   RY45 crankshafts are fully counterweighted and feature the Callies Aeroshed super finish throughout.   These crankshafts are machined from Para-Pure Timken steel and are intended for severe duty applications.

Callies Ultra Billet RY45

6.000 Honda Journal H-Beam Ultra Rods

Our 6.000 H-Beam Ultra Rod is now available with a Honda journal. The Ultra H-beam is designed not only to be affordable, but also provide racers with many years of service and durability. Contact our expert sales team and order yours today!

SBC H-Beam Connecting Rod 6.000 Honda

Ultra H-Beam Connecting Rods

Ultra H-beam connecting rods are machined from extremely clean Timken steel, from start to finish in our Ohio facility.  Current offerings include popular SBC, LSx and BBC applications.  These rods are fastened with purpose built 260Ksi Ultra bolts, produced by ARP, specifically for Callies.  Design, material and craftsmanship combined to make the connecting rod capable of handling up to 1200hp.  The Ultra H-beam connecting rod is designed not only to be affordable, but also provide racers with many years of service and durability.

Callies Ultra 6.000 H-Beam Connecting Rod Callies ultra 6.000 H-beam pin end Callies Ultra 6.000 H-Beam close-up

Callies Stock Eliminator Crankshafts

Each Callies Stock Eliminator crankshaft is built to the exacting requirements of Stock Eliminator class requirements.  Machined from Callies proven 4340 forgings, these crankshafts will provide years of trouble free service.   Both 3.773” or 4.013” strokes will tip the scales at an OEM equivalent 67 pounds.  Callies Stock Eliminator crankshafts are produced with standard BBC rod and main journal diameters.

Callies Stock Eliminator Crankshaft