Identifying a Callies Crankshaft via Serial Number

Please provide our technical department with the 5 or 6 digit serial number and they can help you identify your crankshaft.  Since 2000, Callies has an electronic record of all Callies crankshafts produced.  *Callies is not responsible if the dimensions of the questioned crankshaft have been changed since its production date, i.e. pin and main journal sizes.




29 comments for “Identifying a Callies Crankshaft via Serial Number”

  1. Justin Boydstun says:

    Trying to figure out which crank I have. The serial number is 28939

    1. CalliesAdmin says:

      Do you have any images of the crank? The serial number, if it is a Callies, is quite old and not in our electronic system.

  2. Dawn says:

    Can you identify for me serial # 85561. (stamped with S 2078GM) center engraving 0808 85561 IB3425-CS

    1. CalliesAdmin says:

      We’ve e-mailed you some information!

  3. Robert shipp says:

    Crankshaft with cs cast into counter weight and it says A11-720 on the weight in what looks like black laser etch

    1. CalliesAdmin says:

      Robert, we’ve emailed some additional questions to assist in identifying this crank!

  4. Tim Morrissey says:

    hi i have a crank serial #60412
    3.875 stroke wandering what year it was and how much its worth to buy

    1. CalliesAdmin says:

      We’ll send the info on this crank to your e-mail! Thank you!

    2. Tim Morrissey says:

      hi,i didnt receive a email on the crankshaft i have 60412
      it says its a 3.875 stroke

  5. Rein Plakk says:

    Hoping to get info on Serial #92781

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      We will send you an email with the information we can provide! Thank You!

  6. Michael haug says:

    Hi my serial # is 63218 and shows 3750 under that, Can you give me the specs. on this crankshaft ? Also what series …is it a Magnum ! Thanks Michael

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      Michael, We will send you information on your crank via e-mail! Thank You!

  7. David Clyde says:

    I have a stealth. 57636d. 380. Have any info. Thanks

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      We have sent an email with information! Let us know if we can do anything else, Thank You!

  8. Eddy Fantasia says:

    I have a 528 Hemi apart that is supposed to have one of your cranks in it. The number on the snout is 64203. Double key way. Blower motor. It has some neat designs on the rod and counterweight cheeks. What is their purpose? The motor was built between 2004 and 2008. Thx for info.

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      Can you send photos of the cranks you’re referring to at, please?

  9. Dennis Boehmer says:

    Hello I have a SBC Magnum XL # 68869 , 3625 any chance you can give me information on original build details? Thanks!

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:

      We’ll send you an e-mail with details that we can provide! Thank you!

  10. need info on serial number 92991 z

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We will send you an e-mail with the info we can provide from our records!

  11. Michael Holt says:

    Hi I have a callies stealth crankshaft which I run in a ascs 360 sprintcar the numbers on the crank are 99791 1750, just wondering if you have any information about this crank spec

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We have emailed you the information we have!

      Thank you!

  12. Timothy ochs says:

    Can you tell me about this crankshaft. 4.75 stroke or 4.50 . Thanks

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      I am sending you an email with the information you’ve requested!

      Thank you!

  13. Nick says:

    Hi Callies,
    I have a BBC Gen IV dragon slayer crank, Serial No 131331, I cant find any info on the crank PN BBO-42B-DS on the web. I’m looking for if its a cast or forged crank, HP rating if applicable, Material made from.

    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We’re sending you an e-mail now with the info we can provide!

      Thank you!

  14. Wes says:

    I have a crank with 70131 stamped into the end of the snout. I was told it was a compstar. Do you have any info for it?


    1. CalliesAnswerTeam says:


      We will send you an e-mail with the info we can provide!

      Thank you!

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