Ultra Billet – LS

Callies has developed a wide range of part numbers for the continually evolving and popular LS family of engines.  Any main journal, rod journal, post configuration,  stroke or other specialized characteristic that you may require can be provided. Callies Ultra billet crankshafts are truly custom made to match your project.

Callies LS Ultra billet crankshaft

* Stroke Range: 2.600 in – 4.600 in.
* LS1, LS7, LT1 posts are available
* 6, 8, or 9 bolt pattern flange options
* Rod Sizes: 1.850, 1.888, 2.000, 2.100, 2.200 w/sbc width, 2.200 BBC width
* Main Journal Sizes: Standard LS, Iron Duke, Ford Cleveland 351
* 8 or 6 counterweight designs available
* Sold complete with no drill balance
* Aero efficient Ultra-Shed counterweight profiling is standard
* Aero-Shed super finishing included with all Ultra Billets
* All Ultra LS billets are produced from Timken 4330 alloy steel

LS Ultra Billets


Strokes 3.500 in. and under.  Machined from Timken 4330VM $3,002.00
Strokes over 3.500 in. Machined from Timken 4330VM $3,324.00

*Strokes over 4.000 or shafts with BOB weights over 1900 grams may require a special balance fee