Ultra Billet – Duramax

Callies has developed a Duramax crankshaft that employs the industry’s best ideas. Improving the balance characteristics of this crankshaft was a primary design consideration. Increased counterweight angles, diameters and thickness are instrumental in making this the easiest balancing crankshaft of its type on the market today. For improved stiffness and durability rod journals are machined to a width that maximizes the effectiveness of all rod bearing inserts without unnecessary connecting rod mass. All Callies Duramax crankshafts are machined from triple heat treated 4330v steel before receiving our Perma-Case nitride. These crankshafts will accommodate all bearing inserts commonly available for GM Duramax engines.


Callies Duramax Billet Crankshaft Features

Duramax Diesel – Std 8 bolt flange, 3.898 (stock) stroke, Mains; Standard Duramax diameter and width, Rod Journals; Standard Duramax diameter with Narrow 2.154 inch. (strength enhancing) width.  Damper and Timing gear fit diameters are Keyed for durability.   Machined from Timken 4330VM
Internal Balance priced extra $3,741.00
Internal Balance Dmax to 3410 bob weight $1,206.00