Ultra Billet – Big Block Ford

The ultimate crankshaft for the Ford 460 / 429 competitor is here.  Ultra Billet Ford Big Block crankshafts have been designed with both durability and ease of balance in mind.  Ultra Big Block Fords are produced from high nickel EN30B and fortified with a Perma-Case surface hardening nitride treatment.  All Ultra BB Fords are machined with a 3.018″ post.  Ford BB Ultra crankshafts employ 3.000” mains and 2.200” rod journals, they can be ordered with a stroke custom tailored to your exact requirement.  Ultra BB Fords are produced with center counterweights that can be removed by special order.

Big Block Ford 460 Billet Crankshaft

Ford 460 Big Block – any rod journal configuration, with or without center counterweights, Aeroshed and no-drill balance included
*Standard bore spacing
Strokes over 4.250 in.  Produced from EN30B  $4,163.00