Factory Modified

Factory Modified 2.3L EcoBoost Crankshafts

The stock Ford EcoBoost 2.3L Forged Crankshaft is optimized for maximum performance and excellent engine response. The stock crankshaft is carefully machined by Callies including the removal of the balance shaft drive gear and associated hub. Comprehensive machining of journal arms and other strategic areas of the crankshaft provide additional lightness. Once all machining is completed, the component is processed with various surface treatments to reduce stress producing a part with a refined and superior surface. Optional keyed snout for ease of assembly. This crank is perfect for high power builds in both the Focus RS and Mustang EcoBoost. With additional parts it can also be used for those wishing to increase the engine displacement of their Focus ST.

  • Overall weight reduction of 9 lbs from stock
  • Cryogenic thermal stress relieving
  • Careful removal of the balance shaft ring gear and balancer gear hub diameter
  • Comprehensive machining of all rod journal arms and critical surfaces
  • All highly refined finished surfaces
  • Rods, mains, post, and flange are maintained to OEM spec
  • Shot peening of entire gray area of crankshaft for the development of beneficial compressive stress
  • Crankshaft timing pad on #1 counterweight is untouched for accurate assembly
  • Dynamically balanced to within .5 gram inch
  • Carefully inspected for straightness
  • Keyed snout
  • Lightening Holes added to all 4 pin arms
  • Made in USA

Ford 2.3 EcoBoost Crankshaft for Ford RS and Mustang

Stroke Main Pins Part # MSRP
94MM/3.701″ 52MM/2.047″ 52MM/2.047″ QH47BTO-FM $1,237.00