Compstar – Viper Billet

Compstar billet crankshafts for the Viper are meant for hardcore race applications.  These shafts are machined from 4340 steel for durability and nitride surface hardened for excellent bearing life.  Compstar Viper V-10’s are produced with 2.100 Chevy rod journal diameters and widths, and are available with either 10mm or 7/16 flange threads.  Strokes available will be 4.200” and 3.960”.  Compstar Viper V-10’s can be ordered with either (60-2) or (10) notch tone wheel configurations.


Stroke Main Pins Cammed for rod length Part # MSRP
3.960 3.000 2.100 6.200 3V3291H-CS $7,260.00
4.200 3.000 2.100 6.200 3V1291H-CS $7,260.00