Compstar – Gen III/IV LS1/LS7

LSX engines are taking the performance market by storm. To answer the needs of engine builders who are testing new limits, Compstar has developed the widest range of LSX crankshafts available anywhere. Regardless if your application is road race, marine, circle track, or street/strip, Compstar has the configuration you need.

Made from 4340 steel that is deep nitrided for strength and wearability, every Compstar crank is intended for high output installation. Compstar LSX crankshafts are counterweighted for enhanced bearing load distribution, which allows these shafts to withstand both high boost and high RPM applications.

Machined with large journal radii, gun drilled mains, and fully lightened rod journals, the Compstar LSX crankshaft is truly built for performance. For tall deck block engine builds, strokes up to 4.250 inch can be specified to create large, reliable CID. Should you wish to reduce rod journal surface speed, 2.000 inch journal diameters are available.

To accommodate your engine control system, Compstar LSX shafts can be specified with either late LS2 – LS7 58 tooth or the early LS1 – LS6 style twin timing wheels. If you are building a dry sump LS7 style engine, Compstar offers an extended length post to easily complete your project.

Compstar LSX cranks are sold rough balanced to 1785 grams, or finish balanced to your bob weight.

Compstart LSX/LS1 crankshaft from Callies Performance Products

Stroke Main Pins Part #       MSRP
4.000 2.559 2.100 APO31N-CS $1,099.00
4.125 2.559 2.100 APU317-CS $1,099.00
The Following Part Numbers are for an Extended Length Post LS7 Type Assembly
4.000 2.559 2.100 AWO31N-CS $1,099.00
4.125 2.559 2.100 AWU317-CS $1,099.00