Compstar I Beams

Notice: Callies has discontinued the production of Compstar I-Beam connecting rods. We still have some in our inventory but once they have been purchased we will no longer carry this line of connecting rods.

HD Series Connecting Rods

Compstar Heavy Duty connecting rods are built for high horsepower, high RPM, big displacement engines. Numerous design features found only on more expensive custom connecting rods have been incorporated into the Compstar HD Rod. As demanded by their High Value design criteria, Compstar engineers carefully examined every square millimeter of these components, leaving nothing to chance. See for yourself :

  • Increased material at 45 degrees to the tower in the commonly weak shoulder area
  • Parting line footprint increased by 23% provides greater housing bore stability
  • Contoured tower flanges and pin end housing
  • Added material strengthening the pin collar
  • Available with 7/16 diameter ARP L19 cap screws
  • Robust cap featuring twin-rib design
  • 4340 material

These added features combined with recognized precision by Compstar make the HD connecting rod the best High Value rod in the market today.


Big Block HD I-Beam
With ARP L-19 Bolt
     Description Typical wt Part #
6.660 / 2.200 822g CSB6660ES3B9AI
6.700 / 2.200 829g CSB6700ES3B9AI
6.800 / 2.200 832g CSB6800ES3B9AI
Small Block HD-I Beam
     Description Typical wt Part #
6.000 / 2.100 630g CSA6000DS2A2AI
6.000 / 2.000 623g CSA6000CS2A2AI
5.850 / 2.100 618g CSA5850DS2A2AI
5.850 / 2.000 636g CSA5850CS2A2AI
6.125 / 2.000 633g CSA6125CS2A2AI
6.200 / 2.100 645g CSA6200DS2A2AI
LSx HD-I Beam
     Description Typical wt Part #
6.125 / 2.000 643g CSC6125CS2A2AI
6.125 / 2.100 647g CSC6125DS2A2AI