Valve Covers

Billet LS Valve Covers and Coil Mounting Accessories

Developed to accommodate all LS configurations these billet covers incorporate many features that ensure a leak free / trouble fee installation. They are available in either black anodized or bright finishes. Three Coil locating options are available with your choice of Coil off, Coil over or Coil off-set that can be tailored to your build. Interior recess milling provides clearance for today’s heavy duty rocker arms. All Billet covers are shipped with 1/8 inch O-Rings installed. Here are some standard features
* Stainless Steel hardware included
* Oil fill hole is -12AN for multiple venting options
* Short covers clear stock rockers and Yella Terra non adjusting rockers
* Tall covers fit all other rockers and are undercut & profiled for push rod clearance
* Coil mounting brackets for OEM and Holley smart coil available

730101A Short No-Drill Black $425.00
730101 Short No-Drill Natural $366.00
730101DA Short Drilled Black $425.00
730101D Short Drilled Natural $366.00
721501D Billet fill cap with ¼ NPT port $28.00
721501 Billet fill cap Natural $27.00
721501A Billet fill cap No Drill Black $35.00
730301A Coil mount kit Black $125.00
730301 Coil mount kit Natural $86.00
730302A Holley Smart Coil mount  Black $125.00
730302 Holley Smart Coil mount  Natural $86.00
730401A Coil Relocation kit    Black $67.00
730401 Coil Relocation kit    Natural $39.00
730221 Tall No-Drill, -8 vents & -8 plug, Natural $564.00
730221A Tall No-Drill, -8 vents & -8 plug, Black $630.00
730221D Tall Coil Drill, -8 vents & -8 plug, Natural $564.00
730221DA Tall Coil Drill, -8 vents & -8 plug, Black $630.00
730501 Coil Cover Natural $139.00
730501A Coil Cover Black $182.00
250102 Front Adapter for Holley Manifold $417.59
250101 Lid for Holley Manifold $1,079.00

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