Ultra H-Beam Connecting Rods

Ultra H-Beam connecting rods are High Value American made engine components. Ultra H’s are forged from the same premium 4330 material as our entire Ultra line. Savings resulting from an easy to manufacture design are passed directly on to you. The Ultra H design ensures the geometry of these critical components will remain true under high tensile and compressive load situations.

Every Ultra H-Beam is made with the following components Bolts: 7/16” Ultra (modified H11) steel Pin Bushings: AMS 642 Aluminum-Silicon Bronze Alloy

Ultra H’s are available for most popular Chevy and Ford applications.

Ultra Billet Crankshaft

Callies Ultra billet crankshafts are intended for use in cutting edge applications where innovation is a must. To ensure absolute geometric consistency every Ultra billet crankshaft is ADCOLE inspected. This process provides valuable data used to verify that the part you get is exactly what you ordered.  Each Ultra billet cranshaft is uniquely machined with our Ultra-Shed counterweight profiles. The Ultra-Shed leading edge profile gently moves oil away from the oncoming rod journal while the directional trailing edge directs oil away from the oncoming counterweight. Our Aero-Shed super finish will give you a crankshaft that is totally stress-riser free and incredibly aero efficient. When the Ultra-Shed and Aero-Shed processes are combined the result is a crankshaft with the lowest coefficient of drag in the industry.  Ultra billets are produced from low carbon – high nickel steel that receives multiple heat treatments. When performed on our specialty steel, Callies heat treat processing yields a crankshaft with high core hardness, stiffness and fracture resisting ductility.

Ford 460 Ultra Connecting Rods

Ultra connecting rods tailored specifically for the non-offset geometry of the Ford 460 engine are now available.  These can be purchased in either 6.700 or 6.800 lengths both with 2.200 BBC journal diameters and widths.  All Ultra connecting rods are forged from Para-Pure 4330 Timken steel and completely machined in our Ohio facility.  Ultra connecting rods have been gaining wide acceptance for their consistency in precision and the (in-service) stability of their housing bore and pin bore geometries. Both configurations are in stock and ready to ship today. Call our sales team or contact one of our dealers to order yours now!

Compstar Ford 302 Connecting Rods

Compstar Ford 302 Connecting RodProduced from the same heat treated and stress relieved 4340 steel as existing Compstar H beam rods, every detail of this highly stressed component has been carefully analyzed to maximize repeatability and dependability.  Compstar is currently offering the 302 rod in a 5.400 length with a true 2.123 rod diameter and 1.685 width.  For added strength and improved piston availability, Compstar 302 rods feature a .927 wrist pin bore.   ARP 2000 bolts are also standard equipment.  For more information on this product contact our experienced technical department for guidance on your next Ford 302 build.

Ford Big Block Specific Connecting Rods

Callies Performance Products introduces Ultra Connecting Rods made specifically for High Horsepower Ford 460 CID engines.  These connecting rods are machined with the proper tower offset to match this popular engine.  Initially available in 6.700 and 6.800 inch lengths and fastened by Ultra bolts from ARP, Ultra Ford BB rods are built for your most severe application. Callies Ultra connecting rods are produced from extremely clean Timken steel that is formulated to our exact specifications.  This proprietary steel is forged in Trenton, Michigan, and manufactured 100% in our Fostoria, Ohio facility.

Compstar Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

Compstar components have been in production since 2004. This product line is forged and semi-finished at various offshore locations but they are finished and inspected at our Callies Manufacturing facility in Fostoria, OH. We are constantly evaluating these crankshafts and connecting rods to make sure we offer the best offshore components available. Compstar utilizes precision gauging and material evaluation equipment that is routinely ISO 17025 certified for consistent accountability. If you’re looking for budget friendly crankshafts or connecting rods without having to sacrifice quality then the Compstar line is the best solution!

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Callies Camshafts

We offer camshafts from a variety of steel types.  Most builders of high output engines prefer carburized 8620 or 9310 steel types. For induction hardened camshafts you have a greater choice with 1050, 5150, or 5140.  There are other alloys being induction hardened but we can’t see a great advantage.  With today’s spring pressures and RPM range, camshafts are being asked to do more than ever before.  It is always important to verify the steel you are using meets cleanliness and micro structure standards, not just alloy content.  The Callies metallurgical  can evaluate these characteristics, making sure the end user gets the durability they are looking for.

Callies Racing Crankshafts

If you’re serious about racing then you know how important having the right crankshaft is for a winning season. Callies has racing crankshafts that will fit your budget and your needs. Your high horsepower engine is going to put a lot of stress on the crankshaft and connecting rods and you want to make sure you have the best parts to guarantee you will have consistent, worry free performance all season. Callies crankshafts and Ultra connecting rods are made in the USA and are held to some of the highest standards in the industry. If you’re looking for quality and durability then make sure you call Callies first!

Callies and Compstar connecting rod bolt torque specs

If you have lost the sheet with the instructions for properly torqueing the rod bolts on your Ultra or Compstar connecting rods you can find the information below on our website FAQ page. Now you can access our rod bolt torque specs 24/7 so you have it available when you need it!

**Compstar Values based on use of Extreme Pressure #3 lube**
Compstar Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
SBC H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
SBC H-Beam (HJ) BLTC125 ARP 2000 60 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
BBC H-Beam (SBJ) BLTC006 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std.) BLTC170 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std.) BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam BLTC170 ARP 2000 85 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam BLTC170-L19 L-19 92 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BB Mopar 6.760 H-Beam BLTC180 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0065″-.0070″
Viper 6.250 H-Beam BLTC150-38 ARP 2000 55 ft.lbs. .0055″-.0060″
LSC BLTC150-8740 8740 55 ft.lbs. .0054″-.0057″
SB Ford 5.400 H-Beam BLTC145 ARP 2000 75 ft.lbs. .0040″-.0050″
**Ultra Values based on use of ARP Ultra Lube**
Ultra Rod Bolt Material Torque Stretch
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145 Ultra 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC H-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, & LW) BLT145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
SBC I-Beam (HJ) BLT135 Ultra 53 ft.lbs. .0048″-.0056″
SBC I-Beam (HJ) BLT135-CA CA-625 60 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0052″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 90 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC H-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLTC1735 MP-3.5 97 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0060″
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Revisions made to Ultra Connecting Rods
*See photograph for identification of Revision “A”
Rod Bolt Material OriginalTorque Rev A.Torque Stretch
Small Block
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, LW, LW-SJ & XD) BLT145 Ultra 84 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″?
SBC I-Beam (Std, SJ, LW, LW-SJ & XD) BLT145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. 85 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
SBC I-Beam (Honda Journal) BLT135 Ultra 53 ft.lbs. 53 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Honda Journal) BLT135-CA CA-625 60 ft.lbs. 60 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
SBC I-Beam (Honda Journal) BLT135-MP CA-625 63 ft.lbs. 63 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0057″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 84 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
LS1 I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC145-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. 85 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
Big Block
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT160 Ultra 90 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT160-CA CA-625 93 ft.lbs. 85 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″
BBC I-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLTC1735 MP-3.5 97 ft.lbs. N/A .0050″-.0065″
Small Block
SBC H-Beam (Std, SJ, & XD) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
LS1 H-Beam (Std. & SJ) BLT145 Ultra 80 ft.lbs. 75 ft.lbs. .0042″-.0060″
Big Block
BBC H-Beam (Std. & SBJ) BLT160 Ultra 80 ft.lbs.  75 ft.lbs. .0050″-.0065″

Callies Ultra Rods Revision A

Your Billet Crankshaft Headquarters!

Callies Ultra billet crankshafts are machined from either EN30B or 4330VM steel. This high quality specialty steel has been formulated to create a level of toughness that is unmatched in the crankshaft industry. We have billet crankshafts for small block Chevy, big block Chevy, small block Ford, LS1, and Mopar engines. Any main journal, rod journal, post configuration, stroke or other specialized characteristic that you may require can be provided. Callies Ultra Billet crankshafts are truly custom made to match your project.

Callies Billet Crankshaft