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  • Ultra Billet – Small Block Ford Image
  • Ultra Billet – Small Block Ford

  • A Callies Ultra billet is the right choice for the ever increasing horsepower of high output Ford engines. Ford Ultra billets are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit your exact need. These crankshafts include many standard features that are found only as options with other crankshaft brands. Ultra billets are avilable for 351 and 302 applications.

  • Ultra Billet – Small Block Ford

    Standard Features

    • Stroke Range of 2.550 inch to 4.600 inch
    • Various post keyway configurations available
    • Rod Journal Sizes: 1.850, 1.888, 2.000, 2.100
    • Main Journal Sizes: 302, 351C
    • 8 or 6 counterweight designs
    • Shipped complete with no drill balance included
    • Aero efficient Ultra-Shed counterweight profiling is standard
    • Aero-Shed super finishing included with all Ultra Billets
    • All Small Block Ford Ultra billet crankshafts are produced from Timken 4330VM alloy steel
  • Strokes 3.500 in. and under. Machined from Timken 4330VM $2,967.00
    Strokes over 3.500 in. Machined from Timken 4330VM $3,289.00
    Strokes 3.500 in. and over. Produced from 4330VM $3,776.00
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