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  • Mitsubishi 4B11 Image
  • Mitsubishi 4B11

  • Mitsubishi 4B11

    Standard Features

    • Average weight 32 lbs for billet crank
    • 8 counterweight design
    • 4340 steel certified by Callies in house Metallurgical lab
    • Ultra-Case nitriding performed and certified by Callies
    • Rod and main journal surface finish refined to 4Ra or less
    • All journals ground with strength enhancing Tru-Form radii
    • Limited stroke availability
    • Aeroshed finishing optional
  • Crankshafts

    Stroke  Main   Pin   Part #   Description 
    94mm 52mm 52mm XX47JOH-CS Billet
    96mm 52mm 52mm XX44JOH-CS Billet
    98mm 52mm 52mm XX51JOH-CS Billet

    Connecting Rods

    Part # Length Journal Pin
    CSM5659IS8KBAH 5.659/144mm 2.165/52mm 0.906/23mm
    CSM5659BS8KBAH-CA 5.659/144mm 2.165/52mm 0.906/23mm
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