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  • Factory Modified 2.3L EcoBoost Crankshafts Image
  • Factory Modified 2.3L EcoBoost Crankshafts

  • Quick Comp crankshafts for the 2.3L Ford RS

    Modified by Callies Performance Products

    Every Quick Comp crankshaft design is carefully analyzed to determine the best approached in reaching our goal of High Durability and Enhanced Performance.

    Based on the robust Ford Motorsports I-4 crankshaft pt# EJ7Z 6303B

  • Factory Modified 2.3L EcoBoost Crankshafts

    Each Quick Comp RS 2.3 crank receives the following painstaking processing:

    • Cryogenic thermal stress relieving
    • Careful removal of balancer gear and balancer gear hub diameter
    • Comprehensive Profile-Lite milling of all rod journal arms and main bearing heals
    • All highly refined finished surfaces – rods, mains, post, flg are maintained to OEM specifications.
    • Callies Impervious Masking guarantees all Quick Comp shafts to ship with Ford correct dimensions
    • Shot peening of entire gray area crankshaft for the development of beneficial compressive stress
    • Aeroshed finishing for the complete removal of all stress risers
    • Crankshaft timing pad on #1 counterweight is untouched for accurate assembly
    • Overall weight reduction of 9 lbs from stock.
    • Dynamically balanced to within .5 gram inch
    • Carefully inspected for straightness
    • Packaged in corrosion resistant packing material for extended shelf life
  • Stroke Main Pins Part # MSRP
    94MM/3.701″ 52MM/2.047″ 52MM/2.047″ QH47BTO-FM $1,237.00
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