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  • Compstar – H/5 5.000″ Big Block Chevy Spread Bore Image
  • Compstar – H/5 5.000″ Big Block Chevy Spread Bore

  • 5.000″ Spread Bore Big Block Chevy

    Purpose built specifically for Extreme Displacement high horsepower applications, H/5 crankshafts exemplify High Value design. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, Compstar engineers set out with only one goal in mind: “create the strongest, most durable crankshaft value for Extreme Displacement engines.”

    H/5 is an outstanding example of High Value material. Each H/5 is produced from true 4340 steel that is mill certified and examined by our metallurgist prior to acceptance. All H/5 crankshafts receive the Callies/Compstar Ultra-Case nitrite surface treatment, resulting in an effective case depth of .020 inch. This deep nitride generates a compressive stress layer that strengthens and hardens the entire shaft.

    H/5 crankshafts incorporate unique and proprietary Overlap Bars that are strategically placed in the overlap area between each rod and main journal. These Overlap Bars improve stiffness while significantly reducing bending fatigue. This added stiffness is especially important in long stroke Extreme Displacement engines. With their mass focused close to the crank centerline, Overlap Bars greatly improve strength with minimal influence on balance.

    We believe with High Value design, each H/5 provides you with the best Steel, Heat Treatment, Material Distribution, and Precision of any crankshaft in this class. H/5 cranks are available in 5.375 and 5.500 strokes.

  • Compstar – H/5 5.000″ Big Block Chevy Spread Bore

    Standard Features

    • Produced from true 4340 steel that is mill certified
    • Available in 5.375 and 5.500 strokes
    • Callies/Compstar Ultra-Case nitrite surface treatment
    • Case depth of .020 inch
  • 5.000 Inch Bore Spacing         MSRP
    Stroke Main Pin Part #
    5.500 2.750 2.200 BQ+426-CS $1,791.19
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