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  • Carbocam Performance Camshaft for Duramax Image
  • Carbocam Performance Camshaft for Duramax

  • The future of cam core metallurgy is here today.  Callies metallurgy and heat treat teams have perfected revolutionary methods to bring you unrivaled camshaft durability. Callies Titan cam cores give you more options for performance enhancing geometry while increasing life expectancy.  The superior stiffness of Titan tool steel works in your favor to minimize bending and torsional flex.  Your entire valve train will benefit from the added stability Titan cores offer. Camshafts finished on Titan cores also offer extended service by allowing secondary grinding options when needed.  Titan cores are available for most popular American performance engines.

    Callies manufactures, carburized and hardened 8620 steel camshaft cores, produced to AMS 2301 (AQ) Standards.  Our quality is in the details, such as the removal of any burrs or flash that occurs during production.  Cams finished on a Carbocore will also have the distinction of maintaining the least amount of gear run-out, often less than .0002 when measured from the adjacent main bearing.  Carbocores also will have a surface hardness of 62HRc or higher, and a minimum effective case depth of .110 inches.  This attention to detail results in a cam that has superior wear, toughness and strength characteristics.  The same consistency you expect from Callies can be found within each Carbocore Cam Core.  Currently, Calles has many BBC, SBC and Small Block Ford part numbers in stock. You may also provide a sample, that can be used to meet your customers demands.  Please contact our professional sales team for more information about this great product from Callies.

    Duramax by Callies cams are machined from Aircraft Quality 8620 grade steel and heat treated to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) standards giving them the highest level of durability possible.  All Duramax by Callies camshafts are painstakingly CNC ground and precision verified on ADCOLE inspection equipment.  To suit your performance expectations, these cams are available in various grinds.  Your Duramax by Callies camshaft by Callies can be ordered exclusively through Wagler Competition.

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  • Carbocam Performance Camshaft

    Standard Features

    • Carburized and hardened AQ compatible 8620 steel
    • Deep case for extended life, even in the harshest conditions
  • Ground for heavy duty towing without sacrificing durability.

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