Introducing Daido Bearings!

Daido Metal is a longtime manufacturer of engine bearings used in the highest levels of international motorsports. With nearly 80 years of experience, Daido bearings have chalked up victories in F1, Moto GP, World Endurance, World Rally, Motocross, Indy, and Daytona. These accomplishments have resulted from the highest levels of bearing performance, quality and reliability in the racing industry and cutting edge new production technologies. Daido Engine Bearings are now available for your favorite engine families with the same world class material, design and manufacturing technology developed for the 21st Century.


Daido 19 Rod Bearings

Callies is now offering Daido 19 bearings that are clean sheet designs intended to fit your current small block and big block connecting rods and large fillet cranks. Increased crush height improves retention. Lead-Indium overlay for greater conformability and higher load capacity. Harder copper lead alloy for increased strength. Race specific locating lug eliminates any potential for interference with receiving slot. On-center design increases load capacity and allows inserts to be placed in either rod or cap positions. 100% inspected wall thicknesses eliminate sorting and discarded parts. Sold in convenient boxes of 8 allow mixing grades to get the oil clearance you need. Available in 1.85, 1.889, 2.00, 2.10 and 2.20 sizes at Callies Performance Products.


Daido 20™ Main Bearing Technology

  • Lead Indium overlay on copper lead alloy has a superior combination of conformability (softness) and strength (hardness).
    • Conformability helps the bearing surface adapt to load and shaft bending to distribute the oil film better for increased thickness and lower peak contact pressure
    • Strength resists overlay fatigue that can lead to failure
    • Lead Indium is superior to lead tin copper overlays of all other bearings
  • Oil Leakage Reduction Technology
    • Parting line relief (crush relief) is eliminated by use of patented Daido Multi Boring eliminating the major source of main bearing oil loss
    • Deep boring profile at the parting line combined and a continuous surface assure that the oil film is maintained at the parting line to reduce the risk of seizure
    • Pressed DE lug eliminates an oil leak path to the parting line chamfer
    • Oval oil holes reduce side leakage by increasing the distance to the edge of the bearing
    • Leak reduction increases oil flow to the connecting rod bearings
    • Second leading oil hole fills the oil groove starting at the leading end to expose the main journal feed hole to more oil supply when used with a supply slot added to the block (machining required)
  • Buffed back steel assures maximum contact and heat transfer
  • Crush height is increased to assure bearing retention in aluminum blocks


Daido D-Flange™ Thrust Bearing Technology

  • Clean sheet 3-piece race design is a direct replacement of traditional 1-piece thrust bearings for superior end play control and thrust seizure resistance
  • Design starts with the same trimetal journal bearing as non-thrust positions
  • Unique floating washers de-couple the thrust and journal surfaces for optimum shape and are derived from proven race engine thrust washer designs
    • Washers are free to align square to the block and crank surfaces
    • Washer shape and journal bearing shape are not influenced by each other
    • High silicon aluminum bimetal resists seizure better that un-plated copper
    • Ramp and pad design increases oil film and axial load capacity
    • Separate washer processing assures optimum flatness and thickness control
  • Assembly is designed for 0.006” end play with industry standard blocks and cranks
    • Lapping the front washer for increased end play is allowed

Callies also offers ACL, Clevite and King bearings so you can choose the bearing that best suits your application.

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